Battery Know How

We have all the big brands including Supercharge, Century, Bosch, Optima and Odyssey.

Catering for Cars, 4WD, Service Courier and Delivery Vehicles, Trucks, Heavy Machinery, Jet Skis and Boats, Caravans and Campers, Motorcycles and even Golf Buggies. We have the battery Know How to get you where you need to go.

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We stock Popular battery technology like starting, stop start, extreme power and performance, deep cycle, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and spiral cell batteries.


Got an issue with your battery?  We’ve got the Know How to get you started again with our free battery and charge system test.




Need a quick start? Check out the latest technology in jump starters including the convenient and compact lithium starters along with our extensive range of jumper leads.


We also provide an Extensive range of battery chargers to suit all requirements from CTEK, Projecta and SP Tools along with our on board battery chargers and isolators from Redarc.

Our expert staff have the Know How to give you the right advice on choosing the best way to get you back on the road fast, and what’s more, our Install Team can also fit your battery for you.